The Association of Val D'Aran Country Houses is founded the year 1989, in a region of high mountain situated in the Western extreme of Catalonia Pyrenees next to the French border. This region is characterized by being an Atlantic valley, as a result , its climate is very proper to practise your favourite sport in each season of the year. The language of his inhabitants is “ The Aranés “, a variant of The Gascon language belonging to Occitan family.

The Association of Val D'Aran Country Houses offer you a great variety of rural accommodation such as rural houses or rooms, each one of them are ancient reformed houses surrounded by a natural environment, farm animals, familiar treatment, and all the information the client needs to know the products of the region; heritage, culture, flora and fauna, Active tourism( mountain bike, rafting , riding, hiking, skiing,…).

Companies, entities or everyone interested in participating with the association or take part of it, do not hesitate to contact us.

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